Thursday, 3 July 2014

A Tale of the Star Crossed Lovers

Top & Skirt - Motel Rocks  
So those of you who know me, are fully aware of my relationship with dresses and skirts and how it reflects my love life - non-existent. There's a saying, "there's plenty more fish in the sea" and lets just say, I've tried a lot dresses and skirts but none are worthy. Motel Rocks were kind enough to send me this gorgeous two piece top and skirt, and my how I love thee. The material, and style is incredible and worth every penny. However, the moment I slipped the outfit on and took a peek in the mirror… I felt completely and utterly exposed. It was at this moment that I came to accept that no matter how lovely the dress, I will always be one of those girls that is just not comfortable unless she's in a pair of slacks. BUT, just like every relationship - unique and personal… this two-piece could be the one for you. If you're into your dresses and skirts, I would recommend it because it's a piece that is just perfect for a night out. 

Along with the outfit, I was sent this make-up package by NYX which included an eyeshadow palette, finishing spray and a primer.

To begin, the Shine Killer Primer. As a girl obsessed with looking dewy, I was a little iffy about trying a primer that eliminates shine. Much to my surprise I loved it, it seems to kill shine in the places where it's not wanted (that dreaded T-Zone) and leaves the rest of your skin looking radiant. I applied my Nars Sheer Glow foundation on top and it glided on like butter, and left my skin looking smooth and glowy. I want to give this a few more goes before I boldly say I prefer it to my beloved Laura Mercier Radiant primer (Sssh don't tell) but it looks like it's headed that way.

The Wicked Dreams Eye Palette, let me start by saying how in awe I am of the shades in this, I am a sucker for my neutrals so this was right up my street. In all honesty I was expecting the colours to be more pigmented than they were, but they still looked gorgeous non the less and also got the nod of approval from the lady who I like to call - The Queen of Eyeshadow Palettes (My sister).

Finally the Setting spray, which to me had a really bizarre smell that I wasn't really fond of. But seems to work well, my makeup has lasted the whole day and gave it a very dewy finish.



  1. Love the look and the makeup !

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