Saturday, 25 October 2014


I have been wanting to step out of my comfort zone of nude makeup and muted colours for a while, and it's taken me a while to get here. I decided to be a lil' brave yesterday and just go for it, the full shebang - bold makeup, colour AND a dress. Why take baby steps? (haha). I honestly felt completely uncomfortable at first, and had to keep getting re-assured that I didn't look like I was about to go to a halloween party, and not a pre-wedding dinner. After glaring at myself in the mirror, and a load of "you look fine"'s later, this look began to grow on me. Sometimes it's good to step out of that comfortable rut that you've built for yourself and just try something new. Regardless of comments, or whether someone will say something negative… Trying new things leads to discovering new things, discovering your style, your persona, likes/dislikes. Cliche as it sounds, life is too short to over think whether or not you look "weird" (whatever defines weird). As long as you like it, rock it till your hair falls off. (what?)

Get this dress HERE



  1. Amazing look!! you look great in colour! What camera do you use? The quality is incred!!

  2. Wow that's very different from usual !


  3. Love that lipstick, it really suits you. I feel like I am stuck in a nude lipstick rut at the moment!

    X Emma |

  4. you look so elegant like you've just been travelling and came back from a safari trip with goodies ;)
    wishing I could pull off the plummy tones in your make up!

  5. LOVE your makeup! You pulled it off well :D
    Breaking out of the comfort zone good!

  6. You look like Nicole Richie! Gorgeous in this dress!

  7. I'm totally fangirling on you at the moment. This look is stunning - you look gorgeous. I love how you've put everything together so meticulously, from the makeup to the outfit and the accessories. I wish I could get my hair to stay up like that :P Stunning and sophisticated! Go you! :P
    Going to stalk your other social media stuff too - officially love this blog X
    Kershia (

  8. Love your blogs!
    As a new blogger you actually have inspired me a lot!


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